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Best Hairdresser in Leicester

We’re a hairdresser that offers all the perks of a fully-equipped salon in your own home. The range of services we can provide is not limited by location or opening hours, and all our hairdressing procedures can be done from the comfort of your living room. At Mobile Hair Dresser we decided that hairdressing shouldn’t be restricted to the salon, and so our mobile hairdressing services allow you the freedom to make an appointment with your front room in Leicester. If you're interested, get in touch on 7488280045.

Boost your Colour and Confidence with our Dye!

Go for a full head of highlights to brighten your locks. We'll blend creative shots of colour through your layers to give you a polished and colourful touch. Blonde, chocolate brown, caramel or softer, pastel tones, we'll give your hair a makeover that will leave you appearing - and feeling - pampered and pretty. Our stylist takes individual strands and segments of hair, divides them with the utmost care and applies our premium products to them. Blonde or red tones are often selected to give hair a multi-colour effect or more warmth, but the world is your oyster! You can go as daring or as natural-looking as you like located on the look you're after.

Elegant Hair for Elegant Events

From Dutch braids to complicated fishtail strands and upside down plaits, we can arrange your hair into a modern festival braid that keeps your hair out of your face with the added bonus of looking modern and cool. Whether you want to sport a messy three-strand side braid or boast a pixie look, our skilled stylists have got you covered. You'll be prepared for festivals, celebrations and any event thrown your way!

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